State Reports

Our state reports give you the most comprehensive analysis of a state's Cannabis industry. Clients use these to develop expansion strategies, market entry strategies, competitive analysis and more. We provide in-depth coverage of the 7 states that make up 95% of the U.S. Cannabis market.

In every report

Regulatory Overview Breakdown of regs, zoning, taxation, enforcement and government attitudes

Market Dynamics Analysis of market sizes, growth rates, headlines and industry challenges

Supply Chain Analysis Step through of cultivation, processing and dispensary system

Demand Factors The demographics, political attitudes and other influences on the industry

CompetitionIdentify the major brands, manufacturers, dispensaries in town

Growth PotentialDetail the market's outlook, opportunities and threats

Up to date data

Market Size Size of the market broken out by Flower, Edibles, Concentrates, Others. Includes forecasting through 2019 and is broken into Medical and Recreational (where applicable)

Market Statistics Year-over-year growth rates, compounded annual growth rates, per capita, per patient, per dispensary

Brand Shares List of the top Edibles, Concentrate and Topical brands and their market share

Demand Factors Demographics, political, religious affiliation

Distribution Number of dispensaries (Medical/Recreational), growers, processors and testing laboratories

  • Washington Marijuana Market Overview
  • Arizona Marijuana Market Overview
  • Colorado Marijuana Market Overview
  • Michigan Marijuana Market Overview
  • Nevada Marijuana Market Overview
  • Oregon Marijuana Market Overview
  • Central California Marijuana Market Overview
  • Northern California Marijuana Market Overview
  • Southern California Marijuana Market Overview