Market Insights

Our market insights are a way for investors to quickly understand all the dynamics on the cannabis industry at the national, state or city level. Every market has different regulations, marketing dynamics and competitors. Don’t waste money investing in a market you don’t understand. Leverage our insights to make profitable investments.

  • Investors use this data to forecast market growth build accurate financial projections

  • Companies raising money use this data to build compelling pitchbooks and show the market potential

  • Analysts use this data to see how the exploding cannabis market will impact their alcohol, tobacco, pharma or gaming stocks

  • Public companies use this data illustrate strategies and opportunities to investors

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Insights you will discover

  • Market sizes show how big the market was, is and will be in the future at the national, state and metro level.

  • Category analysis show which categories (e.g., Concentrates) and subcategories (e.g., Hash or Shatter) are growing the fastest and which are shrinking.

  • Brand shares show you which companies are gaining share and which are losing it. Know who your competitors are.

  • Regulatory overviews succinctly break down the regs that will impact your business.

  • Detailed explanations of the market dynamics explain what’s driving the market, demand factors and the risks that could hurt your business.