Consumer Insights

Why do cannabis consumers choose one product over another?

What creates brand loyalty and what’s most important to them in their shopping experience? If you can answer questions like these you’ve got the inside track in building the next great brand.

Our Consumer Insights will help you understand what consumers really want. Let consumers tell you which product elements are most important to them, where they get their information on new products and brands, why they choose some brands over others and more. Don’t waste time and money going to market without consulting this data.

  • Manufacturers - Use this data to build market leading brands that cater to consumers’ tastes.

  • Companies - Use This data to segment customers appropriately and expand their product portfolios.

  • Brands - Use this data is designed for compelling marketing campaigns and appealing packaging.

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From Budget Consumers to Social Status Consumers.

Insight into buying patterns and what consumers are willing to pay more for.

Understand how your target customer wants to purchase and what’s most important to them in making buying decisions. Detailed demographic profiles.