Jacob Hooy

Company Overview
Jacob Hooy is a spice and apothecary shop founded in 1743 in the Netherlands, offering a range of natural products including spices, tea, essential oils, cosmetics, supplements, and CBD. It is one of the best-known drug stores in Amsterdam, and Jacob Hooy's knowledge and interest in natural products sets them apart from the competition. The company enjoys a strong reputation in Europe and was one of the first CBD brands offered by Holland & Barrett in the UK in early 2018. Jacob Hooy’s range of CBD products includes 21 items.
Quality, Testing and Transparency
Jacob Hooy, regularly tests its products to ensure cannabinoid levels, but little other public information is offered on the supply chain or testing methods and results.
The company packages products in their own facility.
Point of Difference vs Competition
All-natural products without additives from a trusted and long-standing company in Europe with a reputation for organic health and wellness products.

HQ Location Markets Product Offerings





Shipping throughout the EU




Lip Balm


Aqua (Water Supplement)


Muscle Balm

Skin Serum

Skin Oil


Oils / Tinctures

CBD + Oil

2.75% & 5% - 10 ml & 30 ml & 100 ml

10% - 10 ml & 30 ml

CBD + Vit. D.

5% - 10 ml



10 mg / 60 capsules

15 mg / 60 capsules

20 mg / 30 capsules

20 mg / 60 capsules

Balms, Creams, Masks, Skin Serum, Skin Oil & Soap

CBD Mask 75 ml

CBD Muscle Balm 75 ml

CBD Foot Cream 75 ml

CBD Skin Serum

CBD Hand Cream

CBD Skin Oil 100 ml

CBD Cream 50 ml

CBD Lipbalm

CBD Soap 120 ml



10 ml


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