Holland & Barrett

Company Overview

Founded in 1870 in UK as clothing and grocery shops. Currently owned by L1 Retail. H&B has expanded worldwide by franchising outlets and currently have 1368 stores around the world. Most of these stores are in UK, Ireland and Netherlands. Via their stores they offer 897 private labeled SKUs, 32 of which are CBD products.


Quality, Testing and Transparency

Holland & Barrett does not provide any public information on product safety, testing or traceability.


Point of Difference vs Competition

Established brand with physical stores around Europe and an online presence that helps reaching out to 29 European countries.

HQ Location Markets Product Offerings


Ships across EU from hollandandbarrett.com

1368 retail stores around the world, 973 of which are in UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland.

Muscle Balms




Day & Night Creams

50 ml



Muscle Balms

Light Texture (25 mg CBD) – 50 ml & 100 ml

Extra Strength (50 mg CBD) – 50 ml & 100ml

Ultra Strength (300 mg CBD) - 50 ml & 100 ml



30 ml





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