Company Overview
Enecta has been in the market since 2013 and seeks to provide 100% certified quality with the highest concentration of CBD for the lowest price on the market. Enecta is a vertically integrated company, and in addition to their extensive assortment of CBD products across many categories, they also offer a line of CBG products. Enecta products are available online throughout Europe.
Quality, Testing and Transparency
Enecta is vertically integrated from seed genetics to cultivation to extraction using organic Italian-grown hemp, and partner with several European universities on research on CBD.
Test results are not public, but the company website claims that each step of the production process is carefully monitored, and full testing is completed for microbiology, heavy metals, and chemical and physical characteristics.
Point of Difference vs Competition
100% organic, Italian grown hemp, seed genetics, vertically integrated so they control the entire process, GMP certified.
HQ Location Markets Product Offerings


Ships all over Europe except Greece. Including UK, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Spain.



Lip Balm



Vape Liquid

Oil for Pets


3% 10 ml

10% 10 ml, 30 ml

24% 10 ml

C 300

C 1000

C 2400

C 3000



10% CBD / 30 capsules



99% CBD / 500 mg



Anti-Wrinkle Cream 700 mg CBD

Moisturizing Cream 350 mg CBD

Face and Mask Cleanser 200 mg CBD

Body Lotion 200 mg CBD

Lip Balm 50 mg CBD




50, 200, 400 mg CBD / 10 ml

200 mg / 10 ml Peach and Tobacco


Oil for Pets

5% - 10 ml
5% - 30 ml

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