BioBloom GmbH

Company Overview
BioBloom is an Austrian-owned and operated, vertically-integrated hemp-CBD producer, which reaches customers across Europe with their hemp-CBD extracts since 2016. The company is family-owned and claims to be third-generation agriculturalists.
Quality, Testing and Transparency
Company website states their organic fields are certified by Bio Austria, Bio Swiss and Bio Hungary.
BioBloom claims that they process CBD by CO2 extraction methods; however, quality assurance methods are unspecified, and no test results or traceability information is posted online.
Point of Difference vs Competition
BioBloom uses certified organic farm and farming methods, vertical integration provides total control over the methods of production.
HQ Location Markets Product Offerings


Will ship across EU
CBD-specialized stores in UK
Stocked by CBDNOL in Austria

Drops & Oil



Body Lotion


Hemp Seeds

Hemp Supplements



4% CBD – 10 mg & 30 ml

6% CBD – 10 mg & 30 ml

8% CBD – 10 mg & 30ml

10% CBD - 10 ml & 30 ml



Organic Hemp Flower Tea - Teabox with 20 tea bags

Organic Hemp Flower Tea, Glass Jar 50 g

Organic Hemp Flower Tea - Bag with 50 g




Organic CBD Booster - CBD Skin Oil

Organic Body Lotion

Organic Face Cream

Organic Hand Cream

Organic SOS Balm


Hemp Foods

Organic Hemp Oil from Shelled Hemp Seeds 250 ml

Organic Hemp Seeds Shelled & Ready to Eat



Natural Sleep

Natural Sun

Natural Mind

Natural Active

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