CBD Company - Sagely Naturals


Ranking and Market Share

#12 - 2.2% of overall market. 2019 sales: $53 million; 2018 sales: $3 million

Product Portfolio

Topicals, skincare and beauty, capsules

Distribution Channels

Mass pharmaceutical and department store chains, independent pharmacies, natural food stores, online


Women's lifestyle brand offering topical and capsule products well-positioned for successful mainstream retail among this consumer segment, and considered a "disruptor" due to its extremely rapid growth in the space


Competitive Advantages

Clean, soothing branding akin to that seen on luxury spa and skincare products appeals particularly well to women, this message and positioning have successfully landed brand on mass retailers' shelves in different sectors

Core Competencies

Smaller operation practicing smart and strategic marketing (focused, accessible product line, well-defined target market), which has led it to see great success among mainstream retailers and consumers

Making the most money on


Doing well

Honing in on and effectively reaching target market; Established presence and traction in CVS and Neiman Marcus likely to beget further expansion as more retailers join the fray


Beneficial trends

Growth in women's health, CBD topicals and natural wellness markets all play into company's product line and messaging

Niches competitors are missing

Luxury CBD skincare products designed and branded to appeal particularly to women

Additional growth opportunities

Having carved out a name for itself among a female audience, but mostly limited to pricier topicals sold on mass retail shelves today, Sagely Naturals is well-positioned to expand both its product line and retail outlet availability to reach more diverse women and better address their varying needs and budgets

Aspirations and Results

Who do they want to be?

Top female-oriented CBD brand across the U.S., touting thoughtfully manufactured and branded products able to successfully compete against major CPG companies' products on mass markets


Expensive products (about twice the price per milligram of CBD versus most other major brands) likely to limit brand to highly niche consumer segment, will need to prioritize lowering price points and/or further expanding retail channels to ensure continued growth

Chief competitors

Mary's Nutritionals, Green Growth Brands

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