CBD Company - Mary's Nutritionals


Ranking and Market Share

#19 - 1.0% of overall market. 2019 sales: $25 million. 2018 sales: $16 million

Product Portfolio

Tinctures (oil), topicals, beauty products (bath bombs, massage oil), patches, capsules, gel pens, compound, dabs, and pet

Distribution Channels

Online, natural food stores, chiropractic and doctors’ offices, massage therapy offices, independent pharmacies, spas, gyms, dispensaries and smoke shops


Medically-oriented, precisely-dosed products with clean delivery methods (patches, gel pens) and elegant, simple packaging made by a trusted name, that appeals well to older and more conservative users; Company has also developed new line of skincare and beauty products positioned for glam users and younger women, and boasts a popular pet line, Mary's Whole Pet


Competitive Advantages

Parent Mary's Medicinals is a well-known name in cannabis and has helped Mary's Nutritionals develop a strong presence on the west coast, though the CBD brand has effectively distanced itself from the cannabis element to reach more mainstream consumers. Mary's Medicinals offers clean, innovative and re-vamped imaging, design, and delivery systems; Locally-grown product

Core Competencies

Reliable products and innovations in medically-oriented CBD (well-known for pioneering transdermal patches); Trusted name generating simple, clean and effective products

Making the most money on

Topicals, skincare and beauty, tinctures, patches

Doing well

Innovating to remain relevant, especially in topicals and skincare space, while maintaining classic products and quality for loyal consumer base


Beneficial trends

Products like patches, muscle freeze, lend themselves well to applications in sports medicine, a growing trend in CBD; Skincare line and topicals are thriving despite higher price points as both retailers and new consumers are trending in this direction

Niches competitors are missing

Patches provide continued, systemic release - product not offered very widely but extremely beneficial for those with chronic conditions; Methods Skincare line targeted at women looking for elegant, discreet products - an overlooked but significant corner of the market

New needs of customers

Pain treatment alternatives for opioid or pharmaceuticals patients

Additional growth opportunities

Expanding further into medically-oriented CBD realm: the brand only carries one tincture despite that these products continue to be the CBD market's best-seller, and offers no capsules or high-dose medical grade products, which competitors have begun to do and which will compete directly with Mary's core products

Aspirations and Results

Who do they want to be?

The most reliable and trusted option for medical and wellness CBD users across the spectrum, from athletes suffering from occasional joint inflammation to older patients with chronic conditions to women looking for elegant, enhanced skincare

Desire to be known for

Trustworthy, professional CBD products that provide relief from pain and rejuvenation to their users


Expand further into medical sector, including general and alternative medicine (sports medicine, massage and spa, chiropractic, etc.), both in the U.S. and abroad

Chief competitors

Sagely Naturals, Bluebird Botanicals, Green Growth Brands (Seventh Sense)

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