CBD Company - Green Roads


Ranking and Market Share

#3 - 5.1% of overall market. 2019 sales: $125 million; 2018 sales: $62 million

Product Portfolio

Tinctures (oil), topicals, edibles (gummies, fruit leather) & drinks (tea, coffee), daily doses, terpenes, syrups, capsules, topicals, pet, and concentrates

Distribution Channels

Smoke shops, natural food stores, online, medical and alternative care offices, independent pharmacies, gyms, yoga studios, spas, dispensaries, pet stores, direct sales, convenience stores


The company is known for its diverse menu of products, including high-potency, primarily targeted at those with chronic conditions in states with restrictive or non-existent cannabis sales, especially where the opioid epidemic has taken hold


Competitive Advantages

Broad presence in overlooked markets, including the Midwest, East Coast, and Florida. Excellent foothold in smoke shops.

Core Competencies

Wide distribution in smoke shops and a variety of other channels; Successfully attending to markets historically overlooked by many large manufacturers; Creative and mobile, evolving with the market and seeking to improve and expand sales channels / products on a constant basis

Making the most money on

Tinctures, topicals, edibles

Doing well

Green Roads products have a strong presence in many states with no- or strictly-medical cannabis markets, appealing effectively to patients who have limited alternatives to opioids. Frequently innovating to meet needs of market. Deep saturation of smoke and vape shop channel. Commitment to quality, product contents have stood up to undercover audits


Beneficial trends

Growth of CBD use in states where opioid crisis is particularly problematic, like Florida. Single-dose, "grab-and-go" products are well-positioned to succeed in convenience stores and check out aisles, where CBD uptake is increasing, allowing Green Roads to tap into new user groups. Brand recently released a line designed to sell specifically in convenience stores.

Niches competitors are missing

High-dose, low-price products for chronic illness sufferers make the brand's products a popular alternative to prescription pills. Self-regulating/policing for purity and THC levels, to get ahead of the game before testing becomes uniform for mass retailers like Amazon or WalMart, and to prepare them to be compliant with impending FDA regulations.

New needs of customers

Daily doses - most new customers do not want to commit to a $50 bottle of tincture without familiarizing themselves with the product first; single-dose packaging allows customers to test products out before committing to a larger purchase.

Additional growth opportunities

Continuing to establish an approachable image and presence among mainstream consumers and channels by tapering product menu; the wide variety of product formats available today may confuse or turn off those wary of any connection to cannabis. With a licensed pharmacist on staff and as a major sponsor of hemp cultivation research at the University of Florida, the company is well-positioned to develop and market sophisticated over-the-counter and supplement products (capsules, topicals) that reach a broader, more demanding audience

Aspirations and Results

Who do they want to be?

The best alternative for those with chronic conditions looking for effective treatment methods, especially those seeking to overcome pharmaceutical product addiction or avoid the use of these products altogether.

Desire to be known for

Educators and innovators making safe, specialized, effective, pharmacist-developed CBD products available to all who need it - especially those in underserved regions


Broadening horizons and normalizing CBD - currently expanding in sports medicine space, vape space, sponsoring research, supporting legislation, legitimizing brand and wider industry through educational campaigns and consistent and thorough lab testing

Results/milestones aiming to achieve

Retail channel expansion, especially in national chains.

Chief competitors

CW Hemp, CV Sciences, Medterra, CBDfx, CBDistillery

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