CBD Company - Garden of Life


Ranking and Market Share

#8 - 3.4% of overall market. 2019 sales: $82 million; 2018 sales: Negligible

Product Portfolio

Tinctures (oil), softgels, spray, and pet

Distribution Channels

Online, mass supplement retailers, natural food stores


THC-free, doctor-formulated CBD supplement products backed by brand name, reputation and deep understanding of marketing that appeals to mainstream nutraceuticals consumer


Competitive Advantages

Brand is owned by Nestle and has extensive resources behind it (capital, distribution channels/relationships, marketing team, brand loyalty and trust)

Core Competencies

Production, distribution and marketing of reliable, tested product backed by brand reputation and incorporating understanding of market

Making the most money on

Softgels, tinctures

Doing well

Appealing to mainstream nutraceuticals consumer with both production processes and marketing tools (e.g. touting organic, non-GMO, doctor-formulated, no harsh chemicals) that have proven to be relevant and effective among this significant consumer group


Beneficial trends

Broad consumer interest in trusted natural health products to be used for general wellness or specific conditions - which Garden of Life specializes in

Niches competitors are missing

Products tailored to specific conditions bolstered by other ingredients (melatonin for sleep, Extramel SOD for stress relief, astaxanthin for inflammation) which avoid sticky issue of specific health claims while appealing to consumers seeking out these effects

New needs of customers

Garden of Life provides a trusted avenue through which to purchase CBD products backed by a known manufacturer; Unique among supplement brands in offering pet line, which more mainstream consumers are becoming interested in

Additional growth opportunities

Great deal of room for growth by expanding retail outlets - particularly in natural food stores and chains where brand has already established trust

Aspirations and Results

Who do they want to be?

Highest-quality and most popular legacy supplements brand incorporating CBD into its various products to better market to and stand out among natural foods customers


Menu diversification and expansion; Growth of domestic retail channels to appeal to wider audience

Chief competitors

CW Hemp, Irwin Naturals, Barlean's, NaturesPlus (HempCeutix)

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