CBD Company - Elixinol


Ranking and Market Share

#13 - 2.0% of overall market. 2019 sales: $49 million; 2018 sales: $32 million

Product Portfolio

Tinctures (oil), liposomes, capsules, topicals, and drinks

Distribution Channels

Online, natural food stores, medical and alternative care offices, CBD specialty stores, mass grocery retail chains


Publicly-traded company offering high-quality, organic, tested CBD products supported by medical practitioners and distributed across 40 countries, but primarily in USA (85%)


Competitive Advantages

Publicly traded in Australia - which gives the company additional access to capital ($50 mm raise in mid-2019 to fund U.S. CBD expansion), as well as ability to cross-pollinate education and resources across countries and branches.  Using partnerships with medical professionals to expand education on CBD and build brand recognition in medical space. Vertically integrated U.S. supply chain.

Core Competencies

Vertical integration and scalable production; Relatively long history in CBD industry has helped establish brand recognition; Leveraging strategic partnerships with medical professionals and strong marketing campaigns to expand CBD education and build brand recognition/loyalty in strategic ways

Making the most money on

Tinctures, capsules

Doing well

Supply chain is tightly controlled, allowing for quality assurance; Maintain database of formulations which allows for quick response to new/shifting market demands; Strategically using local sourcing/resources to grow internationally in compliance with unique regulatory systems


Beneficial trends

Growing interest in bioavailability, which Elixinol is working to increase and promote in its new products. Capitalizing on doctors’ growing willingness to recommend CBD to patients

Niches competitors are missing

Positioning itself to appeal to doctors whose patients are seeking CBD recommendations based on medical expertise, experience, shared knowledge

New needs of customers

Company is exploring skincare and pet markets (the latter via co-branding partnership with Pet Releaf) due to increased consumer demand

Additional growth opportunities

Huge international growth potential - very well positioned in Japan, UK, also looking at Latin America, expanding in Europe; Expanding production out of vertically-integrated Colorado facilities where goods are manufactured, packaged and distributed, and which has the capacity to scale in response to increased demand - also provides opportunities for private labeling and bulk sales

Aspirations and Results

Who do they want to be?

Versatile company that meets growing and changing needs of CBD patients across the globe, supported by its platform addressing knowledge gaps between and among medical professionals, CBD manufacturers / processors, and potential consumers

Desire to be known for

International, respected brand that promotes responsible, medical community-supported CBD usage and dosing


Growth through vertical integration and strategic partnerships in 40 countries. Seeking out beneficial partnerships, acquirement and JV opportunities

Results/milestones aiming to achieve

Using Medical Professional Education portal it established to recruit new health and medical provider networks, expand patient base; Increased exposure following ramped up investment in marketing, such as billboards in Times Square on NYE

Chief competitors

CV Sciences, CW Hemp, Irwin Naturals

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