CBD Company - CW Hemp


Ranking and Market Share

#1 - 7.1% of overall market. 2019 sales: $173 million; 2018 sales: $85 million

Product Portfolio

Tinctures (oil), topicals, capsules, gummies, isolates, and pet

Distribution Channels

Online, medical and alternative care offices, gyms, massage therapy offices, salons, animal clinics and pet stores, mass grocery and pharmaceutical retail chains


Well-known market leader. Traditional, trusted products and straightforward menu appeal to new, more hesitant consumers as well as large base of committed, loyal users. Marketed primarily as nutritional and wellness supplement products. 


Competitive Advantages

Broad name recognition (name synonymous with CBD). First-movers. Vertical integration allows for quality assurance and close control over production processes. Mass retailers interested in brand trust and following.

Core Competencies

Strong tincture or topical presence across channels, continued solid e-commerce and B&M sales (including expansion to mass retail channels).

Making the most money on

Tinctures, topicals

Doing well

Rapidly expanding through brick-and-mortar distribution channels, including mass retail. Adapting and expanding pet line, appealing to broader consumer base. Remain one of most recognized brands in the country.


Beneficial trends

Expanding and diversifying retail channels, which favor CW Hemp brand due to its market standing and reputation. Entry of new, unfamiliar consumers onto market looking to trusted brands with strong presence and reputation.

Niches competitors are missing

Pet products: Tremendous growth opportunity with few strong competitors, CW is well-positioned to prompt and participate in growth in pet CBD space.

New needs of customers

CW will be able to continue using its broadly-recognized name to hone in on newer mainstream users who will be seeking a trusted, known and reliable brand. Also focusing on developing relationships with wholesalers, distributors, and retailers in many markets, including food, health, and specialty channels, bringing products to customers in more channels.

Additional growth opportunities

Though its menu is somewhat limited today, CW is developing more diverse product range to include: powdered supplements, single-use, beverage, sport, professional (dedicated health care practitioner products) and new delivery methods. Potential entry into international markets, but remaining conservative for now. Re-designed pet products line should scale up rapidly as large chain retailers pick up CBD-for-pets partners.

Aspirations and Results

Who do they want to be?

Maintain lead in space, becoming a household name in mainstream CBD nutraceuticals market. Expand strong footprint globally.

Desire to be known for

Market leader; quality and reliability of brand; Go-to alternative to current pharmaceutical-based remedies for health and wellness


Product innovation (sports, edibles, skincare), building brand awareness among broader consumer base to effectively compete with well-capitalized players from different industries, continued U.S. retail channel expansion, international expansion.

Results/milestones aiming to achieve

Distribution channel growth: Aiming for 3,000 points of distribution by end of 2019. Product line innovation and expansion. Strategic partnership development in U.S. and abroad. Helping establish industry guidelines and standards.

Chief competitors

CV Sciences (CBD-only); Irwin Naturals, Garden of Life (supplements); Select CBD (cannabis)

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