CBD Company - Bluebird Botanicals


Ranking and Market Share

#14 - 1.8% of overall market. 2019 sales: $44 million. 2018 sales: $12 million

Product Portfolio

Tinctures (oil), capsules, isolates, vape cartridges, and pet; High-dose and THC-free products available

Distribution Channels

Online, natural food stores, doctors and alternative medicine offices, smoke shops, pet stores, and direct sales


Bluebird offers a straightforward menu of products designed to be accessible to and approachable by anyone - from hesitant new users and veterans seeking trusted, tested products, to low-income and long-term medically disabled users otherwise barred by financial restraints. Their family-owned image and emphasis on improving quality of life is appealing to users across the demographic spectrum, particularly older, more conservative users.


Competitive Advantages

Offer assistance program (25-40% off) for disabled patients, low-income users and US veterans which have allowed it to grow a loyal and committed user base; Excellent online presence and marketing (SEO, reviews on various platforms, active blog)

Core Competencies

Quality products; Developing long-term customer following; Excellent customer support on- and off-line; Extensive community involvement advocating for - and educating about - hemp through industry associations and legislative arenas

Making the most money on

Tinctures, capsules

Doing well

Quality control: very rigorous and robust system of testing and auditing; Customer service is highly lauded and online reviews are extremely positive


Beneficial trends

U.S. political climate very supportive of American-made products and companies - Bluebird sources all its hemp for extract from within the country, provides discounts to U.S. veterans, and is active in local and national legislative scenes and communities, tapping into this sentiment

Niches competitors are missing

Pride themselves on a fair pricing structure; Assistance program specifically addresses needs among lower-income populations, especially those with chronic conditions on disability, who make up a significant segment of the market

New needs of customers

Third-party tested pure CBD isolates sold for the savvy consumer who wants to buy larger quantities and process at home

Additional growth opportunities

Product innovation opportunities exist in popular segments, including edibles, precise dosing options, skincare and topicals. Pursuing business opportunities in international markets, including the EU, Brazil, and Mexico.

Aspirations and Results

Who do they want to be?

The people's CBD company, offering safe, quality, locally-sourced and vetted products to all those who need them, regardless of budget


Expanding mass retail channel availability; Developing topicals line; Growth in international markets, especially Europe

Chief competitors

CW Hemp, CV Sciences, Elixinol

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