CBD Company - Apothecanna


Ranking and Market Share #14 - 1.3% of overall market. 2018 sales: $8.3 million; 2017 sales: $5.5 million
Product Portfolio Topicals and beauty/skincare products, sprays
Distribution Channels Online, dispensaries, massage therapy offices, supplement stores
Positioning Thoroughly specialized in topicals for all occasions: intimacy, circulation, pain/inflammation, etc. Known and trusted name using quality ingredients and focused one solid product category: Topicals. Particularly well-suited to casual, wealthy users and athletes who suffer from pain or inflammation



Competitive Advantages Well-established name in the cannabis space. Products are non-GMO, organic, non-artificial. Have established great reputation in cannabis-infused topicals
Core Competencies Focused specifically on topicals and doing extremely well in that arena, not distracted by tinctures, vapes, etc.
Making the most money on Topicals (pain relief)
Doing well Innovating within a category (deodorants, intimacy oil, bug spray), but not trying to be everything to everyone





Beneficial trends Growing interest in pain relieving topicals, especially where opioid crisis has taken hold
Niches competitors are missing Every day and personal care products that are simple and approachable - e.g. moisturizing face cream, itch relief bug spray. Deodorant - interesting play but no clear benefit to adding CBD
Additional growth opportunities Specialized topical needs, such as women's reproductive health


Aspirations and Results


Who do they want to be? The first-choice CBD-infused topicals provider for pain sufferers, as well as a regular go-to for those with CBD-related needs across the spectrum (arthritis, tension headaches, acne)
Desire to be known for Quality ingredients, responsible sourcing, accessible everyday products
Chief competitors CW Hemp, Green Roads, Mary's

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