Updated December 1, 2020


Bedrocan is the exclusive producer of medical cannabis for the Dutch government, with exports to many other European nations via the Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC). Bedrocan is the oldest legal company in the world providing several, chemically different cannabis varieties to be used by patients on doctor’s prescription and as a raw material for the pharmaceutical industry (API).


In addition to being the sole Dutch producer, Bedrocan is the largest exporter of medical cannabis in Europe, with the OMC shipping thousands of kilograms of its product across the continent each year - primarily to Germany and Italy. Bedrocan has committed entirely to cannabis production for medical use, repeatedly distancing itself from adult-use - including the upcoming pilot program to take place in the Netherlands.



Bedrocan produces five distinct strains of cannabis flower. These are either available as whole flower buds, referred to by the company as 'flos,' of in 'granular form,' meaning that the product is finely ground. The company states that each variety is standardized in order to to get a consistent composition of terpenes and cannabinoids, resulting in a quality, medical-grade product. All products are released under the Bedrocan brand name. The strains Bedrocan produces include:
  • Bedrocan (22% THC, <1.0% CBD). Available as flos.
  • Bedrobinol (13.5% THC, <1.0% CBD). Available as flos.
  • Bediol (6.3% THC, 8% CBD). Available in granular form.
  • Bedica (14% THC, <1.0% CBD). Available in granular form.
  • Bedrolite (<1.0% THC, 9% CBD). Available in granular form.

Bedrocan does not produce nor does the company sell oil. Medical cannabis oil is available exclusively in the Netherlands and is extracted by a third party pharmacist. In keeping with its vision of only producing medical cannabis, the branding of Bedrocan greatly resembles that of many pharmaceuticals.



Bedrocan is headquartered in the Netherlands, where it also grows all of its medical cannabis for both domestic and international consumption. Bedrocan exports to numerous European nations. Patients have access to Bedrocan products in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Some may also have limited access in Finland, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom - though the exports to these nations are small and qualification is extraordinarily restrictive.

Source: Brightfield Group 2020

Strengths and Opportunities

  • Most established Europe-based producer in the cannabis industry with years of experience
  • Exclusive cannabis producer for the Netherlands
  • One of largest exporters of medical cannabis to Italy, Germany
  • Further expansion into new European nations
  • In-house production of oils and capsules
  • Expand cultivation capabilities

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