Brand Insights

Imagine you could go back 130 years and be the first to develop a global cola brand, the first Coca-Cola. Well, that’s the opportunity for the cannabis industry right now. Who’s going to develop the most recognized marijuana brand in the world? And who’s going to invest in that brand early and capture all the upside?

Our Brand Insights identify the most promising brands throughout the industry. The tool tracks their month over month growth and analyzes what they’re doing that’s enabling them to beat their competition. This market is too competitive now to think any mom & pop shop can throw something on the shelf and move it. Know how you stack up to your competitors. See the relative performance of the brand you’re investing in. Identify the best potential partners for your business.

  • Brands use this data to track their performance against their competition at the state and metro level

  • Investors use this data to see how potential targets stack up against their competition

  • Manufacturers use this data to show how their superior performance against competitors justifies a higher price

  • Manufacturers use this data to identify what the market is responding to and why; enabling them to build their brand in the most successful fashion

  • Consultants use this data to show clients how they can dramatically increase sales

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Monthly brand tracker tracks the top brands for every category and subcategory (e.g., Concentrates; Hash) for every state and the top metro markets.

Monthly brand tracks brands in all states (including California, Nevada, etc.) and the top metro areas. Don’t miss the biggest opportunities because you’re only looking at 1 or 2 states.

Brand updates provide timely updates on new brands that have jumped onto the scene and new product developments. Don’t get left in the dark.

Get detailed analysis on what makes some brands succeed and others fail.

We cover the most prominent brands in the market.

Our Company Profiles our built on extensive sales data, market share analysis, consumer surveys and in-depth interviews with manufacturers, dispensaries and consumers. Consumer Profiles detail what that company is doing right, what it’s doing wrong and why its performing the way it is in the market. These reports provide the nitty gritty details that you can use to leapfrog your competition and become a market leader.

  • GFarmaLabs

  • Cheeba Chews

  • Kiva Confections

  • EdiPure

  • Korova

  • Bhang

  • Caviar Gold

  • Auntie Dolores

  • IVXX

  • Venice Cookie Company