Price vs. Quality: What do CBD customers value most?

Deciding on the balance of price and quality is a challenge for any company when developing a new product line. Will you position yourself as an economy, standard, or premium brand—and will this sell in your targeted customer segments? Depending on the type of market you’re operating in, your customers may value low price over quality—or vice versa—and you may either be charging too much or leaving mon

Ailments Prevalent Among Women: An Overlooked Cannabis Market Segment?

As cannabis moves from the shadows and into the rec and medical markets, some stereotypes about cannabis culture are being shed. For starters, it’s not just about smoking: Brightfield Group has already discussed how edibles and concentrates sales are growing at impressive rates, while sales of traditional flower are beginning to stagnate in some markets. Now we are uncovering some new insights about the dominant user demographic of some marijuana products, and they are not the stereotypical young male many might think of.

Brand to Watch: Yummi Karma

For those with a sweet tooth, edibles options abound; cannabis-infused chocolate, baked goods, and sugary gummies (to name a few) are available in dispensaries and rec shops all over the country. But when sisters Krystal and Chelsea Kitahara, and colleague Alysia Sofios, walked into local collectives looking for savory snacks back in 2014, options were limited – if any were available all. The edibles they found were also wrapped in cellophane or plastic bags with twist ties, and did not appeal to this female team – nor women in general. It was at this point that the potato chip fans embarked on their journey into creating savory, cannabis-infused edibles designed for and by women.

CBD Hemp Oil: Just How Effective Is It?

CBD Hemp Oil: Just How Effective Is It?

Brightfield Group recently conducted a survey in conjunction with HelloMD, the leading digital health platform in the cannabis industry, in order to gain more insights about the preferences of CBD consumers. In addition to researching CBD consumers’ behaviors, likes and dislikes, the study compared CBD’s effectiveness to that of common over-the-counter and pharmaceutical products, as well as uncovering important insights on the effectiveness of CBD derived from hemp versus that derived from marijuana.

The Who’s Who of CBD

The Who’s Who of CBD

Brightfield Group has conducted a number of studies in recent months to better understand the CBD market, and in doing so, has discovered that - despite the expanding presence and acceptance of cannabis throughout the United States - there is still much confusion surrounding cannabis products and their characteristics, especially when it comes to CBD.

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